Know yourself.

Track. Learn. Grow.

Brooklet gives you the tools to track anything, learn about yourself, and change your life.

Track Anything

Keep track of what is important to you. Brooklet is highly customizable and allows you to create your own streams of data, design your own graphs, and set your own goals.

A self-help fan, a weighlifter, and a student can all use Brooklet.

Gain Insights

View your historical data to see trends over time. Premium users can even view correlations between streams as they are detected.

Historical graphs and correlations.

Watch your data take shape

See your data transform as you grow and change. Premium users can set goals to hold themselves accountable.

Historical graphs and correlations.

Download your data

Once you create an account you can download your data and do your own analysis.

Nurture your data

Our main goal is to give you insights into the world through the analysis of data. We believe that building a daily habit of self-tracking can help us improve ourselves. That is why we built Brooklet.

We respect your privacy. Read our Privacy Policy to see how.

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